The A2A Accounts API enables software vendors to develop cutting edge solutions to view customer's payment accounts information, including available amount.

The service requires an agreement with Landsbankinn and approval of both Landsbankinn's General Terms and Conditions and this site's Terms of use. Therefore the application to production environment is not automatically approved.


Using the API

  • Initially, the customer logs into the software solution and requests an authorization to Landsbankinn‘s service.
  • Once a customer has granted the software solution necessary access, the software utilises the access token for all subsequent actions, including viewing bank accounts and executing payments.
  • The grant lasts for 90 days and after that, a renewal is needed from the customer (step #1).

More information on authentication can be found in the FAQ section.



The required scopes are:

Authorization to access bank account information, including available amount.
Authorization to access user information, such as age and gender.


Sandbox functionality

All users (with one exception) own two accounts that can be used. One account with an id starting with 013826______ that will always have 10 000 ISK interimAvailable balance and another one starting with 015826______ that always has 0 ISK interimAvailable.

The exception to the above rule is that user SIGGIOLAFS will have no accounts, an empty list will be returned when getting all accounts for that user.



Technical requirements
The company must demonstrate that the bank's security requirements are met, i.e. by filling out the bank's questionnaire on software security and presenting other data requested by the bank. The company is responsible for ensuring that the information contained in the application for service separation is correct and reliable, and must inform the bank of any changes that may affect the customer's eligibility to fulfill the bank's requirements.
Business requirements
Requirements are according to Landsbankinn’s General Terms and Conditions. The company must therefore meet the same requirements as for the establishment of business with the bank.



The customer base is restricted to individuals only, not companies. The third party is responsible for all actions made with customer’s access in the APIs. The company must ensure the security of information and traceability of user’s transactions performed in accordance with law, terms and conditions of the bank. All security measures are the responsibility of the company.


Approval process

The following approval process applies when an app is created using this product:

Auto approved
Manually approved


Further information

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