The Card API enables businesses to manage and control corporate issued credit cards directly from their systems.

This API empowers businesses to apply, manage, and control credit cards efficiently, enhancing financial flexibility and transparency.


The service requires an agreement with Landsbankinn and approval of both Landsbankinn's General Terms and Conditions and this site's Terms of use. Therefore the application to production environment is not automatically approved.

To apply for access, please contact

Using the API

Concept Description
  • Retrieve transactions from a given period
  • Retrieve transactions for individual cards
Card Applications
  • Apply for a credit card
  • Close card
  • Retrieve card portfolio
  • See card properties
Credit Limits
  • See credit limit for a company
  • Set credit line for individual cards


The customer base is restricted to companies only, not individuals. The company must ensure the security of information and traceability of user’s transactions performed in accordance with law, terms and conditions of the bank.