Funds API enables you to retrieve market data for Landsbréf's funds, such as the end of the day buy, sell and NAV for mutual funds and the NAV and iNAV for exchange traded funds.


Using the API

Landsbréf's funds are divided into two main types: mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

  • Mutual funds are traded once per day, after the markets close.
  • ETFs are traded during the day while the stock exchange is open.

When using the API there are a few concepts to keep in mind.

Concept Description
Buy Mutual funds end of the day buy.
Sell Mutual funds end of the day sell.
Nav Funds net asset value (NAV) is calculated by deducting the liabilities from the total asset value and then dividing by the number of shares. It is calculated at the end of each trading day based on the closing market prices of the portfolio's securities.
iNav ETFs intraday net asset value (iNAV) is an intraday estimate of the net asset value.
RiskRating Funds risk rating is an integer number from 1 to 7. The higher the number is, the higher the risk is for the fund.
UpdatedUtc Funds UTC updated timestamp for when the entry was last changed.
Date Mutual funds date for which the buy, sell and NAV prices apply to.



  • Landsbankinn's funds information are published with reservations regarding possible errors and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Landsbankinn assumes no responsibility for externally sourced fund information.
  • Funds API has a 2 minute cache.

The publication of Landsbankinn's tariff is provisional and may be changed without notice. The bank is not liable for any typographical errors.